waqas bhatti

Hi! I'm Waqas Bhatti, an associate research scholar in the Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University. I work with Prof. Gaspar Bakos' group on the HATNet and HATSouth exoplanet transit surveys. Most of my focus has been on building an interactive data exploration portal for the light-curves from these two surveys. A preliminary (alpha-quality, currently incomplete, and under constant development) implementation is now online, with a final version expected late 2016.

My thesis research was on the identification and characterization of variable point sources found in a large set of light-curve data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. My collaborators included my thesis advisor, Prof. Holland Ford at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Larry Petro at the Space Telescope Science Institute, and Prof. Michael Richmond at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Several papers related to this work can be found in the articles section. See the data release notes for instructions on how to download and use the raw data, along with some associated results and catalogs. More details are available in my PhD thesis [PDF].

Other things on this website include: